Posted by: kitkat | March 31, 2004

Honku! (Bless you) No silly read a hiaku today!

Okay! Last night I was up until 2 am trying to get this blog to look presentable. I kept trying to use cool skins through the website, but they looked really weird once I put them up. So here we are, plain and boring, but at least its done.

On a more library related note, April is Poetry month! I know, I can hear you moan and say poetry is boring. But that’s only when you have to read poetry and analyze it for class. Poetry can be really interesting too! We have a book called
Honku: the Zen Antidote to road rage which is a book of hiakus about cars and driving. We also have a book called The Pain Tree and Other Teenage Angst-Ridden Poetry which has poems written by teens in high school. So if you want to give poetry a chance, you can come in and read some of these poems plus if you’re feeling really daring, you can come to the library on April 16, 2004 from 2 – 4 pm and be part of our first ever Poetry Slam! You can come in to read your own poems, read other people’s poems or just listen. We’ll also be having group poetry that everyone helps to make and maybe we’ll make our own hiakus to display in the library!

Finally, I really would like to start up a Teen Advisory Board for the library. That’s where you guys come in and talk to me as a group about things that you would like to see in the library. It also would be a time to learn more about the library and see that its a fun place to be. We might also have the opportunity to work with other Teen Advisory boards in the Rochester area as well as around the world!



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