Posted by: kitkat | April 1, 2004

Thought for the day: Poetry can be cool! Celebrate Poetry Month!

I was looking for interesting poetry websites and I found one called
Favorite Poem Project. On the site there are videos of normal everyday people reading their favorite poems.

From the website:
“Robert Pinsky, the 39th Poet Laureate of the United States, founded the Favorite Poem Project shortly after the Library of Congress appointed him to the post in 1997. Since its launch, the Favorite Poem Project has been dedicated to celebrating, documenting and promoting poetry’s role in Americans’ lives.

During the one-year open call for submissions, 18,000 Americans wrote to the project volunteering to share their favorite poems — Americans from ages 5 to 97, from every state, of diverse occupations, kinds of education and backgrounds. ”

I thought that this was really neat, because I hear from so many people that poems are boring and dull. It’s really cool to see that there are people that still read poety and are willing to share them with others.

There is also a local contest with the Penfield Public Library that looks really interesting, but the deadline is coming up pretty soon, so if you want to enter (and are between grades 6 – 12) you should do it soon!

I have put up quite a few poetry displays in the library today for children, adults and you teens. I hope that people at least look at the books, because there are some really interesting authors in there. Maybe one of you will be inspired to write a poem of your own and send it on for the contest.



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