Posted by: kitkat | April 23, 2004

I actually like reading manga!

I started reading two manga… the second volume of Trigun and the second volume of MegaTokyo.

For some reason the second volumeof MegaTokyo came out before the first, so we don’t have the first one yet. Things are a little confusing, but they have an online version so you can view it that way too. The artist, Fred Gallagher, is american so the artwork and some of the subject matter are different as compared to typical manga. Some purists might not like it, but I liked it a lot, altough there was a lot of “l33t sp34k” which I didn’t understand. When I was looking for a definition of “l33t sp34k”, I found out that someone had actually written a paper on it! The second link on l33t sp34k actually makes mention of MegaTokyo, because they say that MegaTokyo brought it back into popularity! Unfortunately, I was getting a headache trying to understand it.

Trigun is a lot more typical of manga. Vash, the main character, is really cute! Plus he likes to practice non-violence sort of like Ghandi, even though Vash carries guns and does not go on hunger strikes. Sadly, everyone else around him is extremely violent.



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