Posted by: kitkat | April 29, 2004

Art mural is beginning… and I listen to music!

Yesterday some of the students from the art department started a mural in the childrens’ area. Right now its only two shades of blue, but it already looks interesting! There will be a space theme in the darker area, and a castle with horses and other interesting creatures in the lighter area. Please come by and check out what great things your fellow teens are doing!

Over the summer some great things are going on. Among these great programs are a few bead programs, tie dyed shirts, and some movies, which I haven’t decided on yet.

I also want to have some music programs on different genres, since there seems to be a variety of musical interests in Hilton. I think that having some music programs will help me to get to know your interests as well as give me a better knowledge of the types of music that I normally would not listen to.
For example, right now I am listening to:

Cocteau Twins: Stars and Topsoil

Baxter: Baxter

Tori Amos: Boys for Pele

Innocence Mission: Glow

Also, if you are interested, my favorite radio station is:


I want to get more contemporary music in the library, but unless you give me your input, I will just start ordering stuff that I like! mwah hah hah

As always, I welcome your comments!



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