Posted by: kitkat | January 18, 2005

February’s Young Adult Discussion Book

Unicorn & Dragon by Lynn Abbey
Unicorn and Dragon by Lynn AbbeyThis is a slight historical fantasy that takes place in 11th century England. The two main characters are teenage girls who believe that they are sisters and early on learn that they are not really sisters. Both girls fall for a guy their age that is attacked near their castle, and it pulls them apart. The romance might prevent guys from liking it (I know you’ll make fun of it Steve!), but there’s a great fight scene in the middle in which big burly looking guys on horses kill eachother with axes. What makes this book a fantasy is the fight between two different types of magic: the Celtic magic of goddesses and herbs and the darker magic of sorcerers and psuedo-science.
If you want to know more about this book or the author you can learn about it on this website:
Unicorn and Dragon



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