Posted by: kitkat | February 2, 2005


Okay guys, you might not like this one. This is a manga based on the story of Snow White. The main character, Himeno, is Snow White. Her father marries a rich and cruel woman, who has two daughters of varying cruelty. One day, while trying to take a short cut in order to get to school before being too late, she meets a boy who, with the help of six others, will change her life forever.
I just know that there will be one or two guys that some of the girls in the manga group will say are dreamy, so guys be prepared for lots of eye rolling on your part.

BTW the next book for the teen discussion group will be Outlaws of Moonshadow Marsh, The: The Sign of Qin – Book #1 by: L.G. Bass. The book received lots of great reviews from librarians, reviewers, and teens. I started reading it, and so far I have to agree! The book is a little different, but in a good way. There are monsters, demons , dragons and tons of fighting! A lot of the plot is taken from, although not completely, Chinese myth.
I’ll update you as soon as I get deeper into the book!



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