Posted by: kitkat | May 20, 2005

Your friendly teen librarian is coming back!

I am on my last week alone with my baby, Jack. Starting on May 23, you will have your librarian back at the Parma Library. Jack will be joining me the first week and then you will have me all to yourselves after that. I enjoyed getting to know my baby, but I missed you guys a lot. Plus the summer is coming, and I need to get ready to entertain you guys!

On a sad note, people (not you guys) have been spamming my guestbook. I cleaned it up, but it will happen again and again. I have more control over the comment spaces after each post, so I’m going to get rid of the guestbook. I’ll give you guys a little time to adjust, since it looks like you guys really use it. Be prepared to lose it next Friday (May 27). The comment spaces are a lot harder to spam, so feel free to have your conversations there instead.

I hope that you guys have been reading. Unfortunately, I have not been reading as much as I would have liked to. If you guys have read anything really interesting lately, feel free to post a comment. I thought that I would start a separate section in my blog for book reviews. If you want to review books too, send me an email of your review and I will add it to the blog!

I want to thank a certain group of wonderful teenagers who gave me the gift for Jack. I spent the money at a local garage sale and bought TONS of baby clothes. He is going to be one well dressed baby!

Once again I look forward to coming back and seeing all of you!



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