Posted by: kitkat | October 18, 2005

Hey you anime advocates!

I finally have free DVDs for us to watch at our Anime Meetings! *Yippee* We will be viewing these wonderful gems thanks to ADV Films and Anime Advocates. We will begin getting DVDs to watch in November, and there will be… well I’ll just let them tell you what we get:

  • You’ll get the newest anime programs BEFORE any of your friends do!
  • You get a FREE DVD EVERY MONTH (each DVD has episodes of new ADV releases, & a bunch of trailers!)
  • You can win awesome PRIZES… posters, movies and other cool stuff!!
  • You get totally EXCLUSIVE promo items!

If we REALLY get into this, I can send pictures of the group to ADV Films and we can join the other groups who have pictures on the site!

Also, I noticed that some of you are very talented artists. If you want, I can host a couple of your pictures on our blog, so you can be FAMOUS… well *sort of*.

Please remember to contact me if you would like to join our group, or if you have questions or comments!


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