2006 Summer Reading Rules

1. Sign up at the front desk the last week of June, or sometime before the middle of July.

2. You will receive these rules, a few review sheets and a bookmark.

3. Fill out a review for something you’ve read. Be honest with the time you write down. Everyone loses when someone cheats.
*Yes I just said that, I know that I sound like an old lady, but it’s true. We want our library to win fair and square, not by cheating.

Some of these include:
Age appropriate books
I know that you can read more than picture books, so don’t even try it.
books on tape/cd
graphic novels (a.k.a. comic books, or picture books for teens)

4. Everyone who hands in at least one review will receive a prize of my choosing. You’d better hope that I choose well!

5. If you would like your review to appear on the library blog, please let me know on your review (or you can email me a review too at ckyle@libraryweb.org).

6. Each week we will raffle off some very awesome prizes from the reviews that we receive for that week.

7. We are competing against Hamlin, Ogden, and Seymour libraries again this summer. The library that reads the most hours gets to host the party, which will be held on Thursday, August 10, at 6 PM.


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