Posted by: kitkat | February 19, 2006

Because you asked…

Okay so once a month six teens (but it could be more, I’m not stopping you!) and I get together and eat pizza and drink soda. The teens and I have all read the book that I have picked… for example, in March the book we are discussing is The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau. That means that everyone reads (or listens to… especially since I’ve done that quite a few times!) the book beforehand, and then on March 4, we all come with ideas and thoughts about the book. Last month we had quite a few lively discussions about House of the Scorpion, because the book talks about abusing the environment, abusing the poor, the drug (illegal kind) industry and most of all cloning. I try not to make it feel like school, so everything is pretty laid back. Sometimes people end up talking about other things (cough cough, you know who you are) but eventually I try to move the conversation towards all things bookish. Then after an hour, everyone is hyper and crazy and I make them go home to their parents, to be hyper and crazy!
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