Posted by: kitkat | February 20, 2006

Today is president’s day

And we’re open, so come on in and visit us! Today banks, post offices and other government buildings (except most libraries) are closed in order to observe the birthdays of George Washington (Feb 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12). Many people now regard the day as a day to celebrate ALL former presidents.
Today is also the 111 anniversary of the death of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass’ adopted home is Rochester, NY and he is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetary. He was a great abolitionist writer and activist. He spoke out strongly against slavery and was an important figure in moving slaves through the underground railroad. I know, this may seem boring to you, but its a very important part of our history. It wasn’t until 1865 that slavery was declared illegal. That was only 141 years ago! Plus it wasn’t until 1954 (only 52 years ago) that segregation was made illegal… and still it took years before people actually began enforcing it. In case you didn’t know what segregation was, it meant that blacks and whites couldn’t share anything, such as water fountains and couldn’t do anything together, such as go to school. Many of the friends you have today, if you grew up before or around 1954, you wouldn’t have at all. We quickly forget how lucky we are to be living in a society, that for the most part, is equal and fair. However we are quick to complain about how unfair life is, how terrible school is or how bored we are.
As always, if you have more questions about abolitionists or segregation, feel free to come to the library and I can find you a great book about it!


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