Posted by: kitkat | March 8, 2006

Because I’m such a swell Librarian

I’m going to change the title of the next book that we are reading for our book discussion group. It was felt by our male members of the group that since we are reading Beauty this month, that next month they should get to choose the book. I decided that I would do that, and they chose Watership Down. This is what our schedule will look like:
April 1 – Beauty by Robin McKinley
May 6 – Watership Down by Richard Adams
June 3 ~ (Friday) July 7 Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

I know what you’re thinking. Watership Down? Isn’t that with bunnies. The answer would be: yes you are right. However these aren’t just any ordinary bunnies. These bunnies are RABBITS. They fight for rank among each other, they fight for survival and they fight for mates. These rabbits do a lot of fighting. Don’t think of this book as a bunny book. Think of it as a fighting rabbit book.



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