Posted by: kitkat | May 12, 2006

Little addition to the summer programming

Just in case you didn’t notice, and cared about it, every Wednesday in July and August, we will be playing Yu Gi Oh! I’ll save the room for you and you can card battle until your heart’s content… or until 5 pm. We will not be competing for prizes or anything (unless I come up with something special) but after watching six or seven teens come to the Anime program with stacks and stacks of cards, I thought I’d better do something. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me!
Speaking of the Anime Club, we had our biggest crowd yet! Twenty teens showed up, and they promised to bring more. And because I’m such a swell librarian (hmm that sounds familiar!) I’ve had us join another online anime program called Operation Anime. I can hear the excitement already. Hmm, or maybe that’s Ben’s growling stomach.



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