Posted by: kitkat | May 25, 2006

World Summit of the Information Society

In VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates), a magazine for people who work with young adults, I read an article about the World Summit on the Information Society. Its a United Nations Summit specifically on digital information. They discuss ways in which having access to digital information has the capacity to improve the living standards of people around the world.

The college student that wrote the article for VOYA commented that in the Youth Caucus for WSIS, there were very few American youth representitives, and that the United States has no national youth assembly. I looked on the Youth in the United Nations website, and I didn’t see an American representative. Now, its quite possible that I just didn’t look hard enough, but its also possible that there is no one. I know for a FACT that there are a bunch of HIGHLY opinionated teens in Hilton, so I’m not going to believe that none of you have an opinion on some of these topics:

If nothing there is of any interest to you, than you’d better come in so I can check your pulse, because I think that you might be dead. Even if none of those topics completely wows you, think about meeting with people your age from other countries around the world. Also think about the different cultures you could learn about, the places you could go NEVERMIND the differences you could make! You could have fun, have something cool to put on your resume AND make a difference in the lives of others. What could be better?

Hey! What are you waiting for?



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