Posted by: kitkat | June 1, 2006

Author of the Month – Terry Trueman

Terry Trueman

Terry Trueman

Stuck in Neutral
Fourteen-year-old Shawn McDaniel, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy and cannot function, relates his perceptions of his life, his family, and his condition, especially as he believes his father is planning to kill him.

Inside Out
A sixteen-year-old with schizophrenia is caught up in the events surrounding an attempted robbery by two other teens
who eventually hold him hostage.

Cruise Control
A talented basketball player struggles to deal with the helplessness and anger that come with having a brother rendered completely dysfunctional by severe cerebral palsy and a father who deserted the family. This is a companion book to Stuck in Neutral.

No Right Turn
I heard the gunshot and I knew what had happened. How do you live your life after catastrophe hits your family? Three years later Jordan is a self-described zombie. No real friends, no interests, nothing. But then salvation comes, in the most unlikely form. It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it’s sexy. It’s a 1976 Corvette! Terry Trueman’s new book is a powerful exploration of the spirit, both fragile and resilient, of a boy desperate for a lifeline to hold on to.

7 Days at the Hot Corner
Varsity baseball player Scott Latimer struggles with his own prejudices and those of others when his best friend reveals that he is gay.


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