Posted by: kitkat | June 27, 2006


Once again this summer we are competing against Ogden, Brockport and Hamlin libraries. Whichever library reads the most gets to have the party at their library. Come on guys! You know you want to beat all the other libraries. We have to show them that we’re the best. Plus, there are some great prizes this summer. All you have to do is : read a book, keep track of your hours and hand in at least one a week, and you have a chance to win some fab-u prizes!

  1. GIANT candy bars – they are really that big, but you’ll need to come in to find out how big they are. These candy bars have been made possible by a donation from Dr. Milton Shulman
  2. HUGE slices of pizza – these, on the other hand, are really huge and are donations from Caraglios Pizza
  3. Special gifts for the gals – gifts made possible by our local Curves
  4. Other cool prizes … just sign up and start reading!


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