Posted by: kitkat | July 6, 2006

Who’s an idiot?

Yup. I’m admitting it. Once again I forgot to order the books for the book group, which is TOMORROW! Doh! I am going to order them today, but they won’t come in for a while, so you’ll have to come back. But you’ve all joined the summer reading program, right? Therefor you’ll have to come back anyway in order to drop off all your precious little forms! Mwa-haa-haa. It all works into my scheming!

Anywho, next month the book is Homebody by Orson Scott Card. For those of you in the book group that have the internet, but have forgotten that I have a blog, I will remind you at the meeting and post when the books have come in. Hmm. I guess that’ll mean that I should update this daily so that you don’t get bored and forget about it again. Jeeze.

See you tomorrow for pizza!



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