Posted by: kitkat | October 2, 2006

Costumes for Halloween

Trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween? Here are some books that we own on that very subject!

Costumes, accessories, props, and stage illusions made easy
by Barb Rogers
646.478 ROG

Instant period costumes : how to make classic costumes from cast-off clothing
by Barb Rogers
391.0093 ROG

Wow. Not much. I’ll have to buy more books on costumes!

Check out They have some ideas. Also try looking at history books or arts and crafts books. Also, check out your parents high school year books, or even their closets! Look at sites that have costumes you need to buy, then find items that look similar in your own closet or thrift store. Remember to get creative!

Some ideas:

  • tube of toothpaste
  • cereal killer
  • mad librarian
  • zombie (cheerleader, bride, football player,your choices are endless)
  • rabid animal

Your options are endless, just get creative and have fun!

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