Posted by: kitkat | October 25, 2006

Some of you have crossed…

Into my world of insanity! Mwahhahah. Well, really you just came to my first unofficial, official teen advisory group. Everyone seemed to like it, so I think I’ll continue the extravaganza. Therefor:

Every FOURTH Tuesday at FOUR pm, we will have:

TLCTeens Librarians (and) COOKIES!

Someone wanted to call the group the Teen Cookie Group, but I thought this had more of a ring to it.

TLC will be an hour of discussing :

  • ways to volunteer in the community
  • current events and even such hot topics as politics
  • new music or books that interest you
  • programs that you’d like to see in the library or community
  • things that might interest you about the library world around you
  • how much you like the librarian (me, of course!) and/or cookies and milk

Come on in every fourth Tuesday, if you’re interested. Everyone in high school is invited, no matter who you are. Even if you don’t like/can’t eat cookies or milk.

Now for the public announcement: If you can’t eat cookies or drink milk. Please bring something with you or let me know ahead of time if you have any allergies, or if you get too hyper from the sugar!! We DO NOT want any melt downs, because then I will have to hide under the table so you can’t see me!

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