Posted by: kitkat | November 21, 2006

Epitaph Day

Okay so today’s not really Epitaph Day. Actually, it was November 2, but I thought it was so interesting that I had to bring it up! You guys should try writing your own epitaphs! These are funny (or serious) little poems that will go on your gravestone. Why not make people smile when they are visiting you at the cemetery?

Check out these websites with some nifty epitaphs:

Plan your epitaph day

Tue Tombstone Epitaphs

If you come up with some good ones (even about me… my last name is Kyle) be sure to send them to me. I’d love to post them! If you’re local, I might even give you something fun!

Here lies Cathy Kyle
poor thing choked on her own byle
now everyones glum
especially her mum
that she’s under the earth a whole mile


  1. OOhhhh creepy and morbid, but yet so fun 🙂 Nice post!


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