Posted by: kitkat | March 28, 2007

Teen Book Festival Countdown!

Saturday is the Teen Book Festival. I’m a volunteer there, so if you see me in my bright green shirt, don’t hesitate to say hi. It’s going to be fun, and its FREE, so unless you don’t have a ride, you have absolutely no excuse not to be there!

Here’s the authors that will be there:

Edward Averett                Cecil Castellucci           Svetlana Chmakova

Edward Averett             Cecil Castellucci             Svetlana Chmakova

Ronald Cree                  Gail Giles                  David Levithan

Ronald Cree           Gail Giles          David Levithan

Barry Lyga                                  Lauren Myracle          Tamora Pierce

Barry Lyga             Lauren Myracle          Tamora Pierce

Terry Trueman                Nancy Werlin

Terry Trueman          Nancy Werlin

Okay, now you know you really want to go! How awesome is this going to be? I have to say that I’m most excited to meet Svetlana. Plus I get to be her helper-bee (along with four teens).

There’s going to be tons to do:

  1. listen to the authors speak about what inspires them, what setbacks they’ve had; as well as time to answer questions
  2. listen to music from a local band, listen to a DJ and (if you want) dance
  3. buy books, t-shirt, dog-tags… oh and raffle tickets for super prizes
  4. eat pizza
  5. listen to some more authors speak
  6. listen to some more music
  7. go home, exhausted and happy!

Doesn’t that sound great? If you plan on going, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for you!

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