Posted by: kitkat | April 2, 2007

Author of the Month – Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins – website and information here

Burned: (PB, 10/07): 1416903550
Crank: 0689865198
Glass: (HC, 8/07): 1416940901
Impulse: (HC): 1416903569

About Ellen:
I was adopted as a baby and grew up in Palm Springs, California. I went to a great private school, where my teachers convinced me I could become anything I wanted. I knew from age 9, when I published my first poem in the Palm Springs Desert Sun, that I wanted to be a writer.



  1. I am doing a research project on Ellen Hopkins and i cant find anymore info. on her backround. Is there any other sites to futher my research?

  2. My first question is, do you live in Rochester, NY? My second is if you do live in Rochester, do you have a library card? (You’d better!) If so, you can go to: On the left hand side there are a bunch of links you can click on. Click on: magazines and databases. Once there click on Biography Resource Center. You’ll need your library card to access the information. After you type in your card number, you can search for people by name. There’s a small article about Ellen Hopkins with some magazine articles that you can look at too.
    If you don’t live in Rochester, I would ask your local library if you have access to Biography Resource Center. Also, make sure that you check out her website:

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