Posted by: kitkat | May 1, 2007

Author of the Month – Lara Zeises

Books written by Lara Zeises
Anyone but You: (PB, 11/07): 0440238587
Bringing up the Bones: Out of print
Contents under Pressure: 0440237874

Lara Zeises will be at next year’s Teen Book Festival. Here’s some info to get you up to date on everything Lara.

From Lara’s website:
I grew up in Delaware, the First State, and, more importantly, the Home of Tax-Free Shopping. I earned my B.A. in English-Journalism at the University of Delaware, Home of the Butt-Kicking Chicken (slang for our mascot, YoUDee, which is, yes, a chicken). After a miserable stint as a journalist at a small newspaper in Indiana, I ran screaming back to the greater Delaware area and saved up enough money to go to graduate school. I earned my M.F.A. in creative writing at Emerson College in May of 2001, just two days before I sold Bringing Up the Bones.

I am a dork. This is something all of my friends will tell you. When you are young, being a dork is a terrible burden. But the older you get, the more you realize that dorkdom is often a great predictor of success as an adult. At least, this has been my experience…

Read more on her bio page.


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