Posted by: kitkat | July 1, 2007

Author of the Month – Alex Sanchez

Books by Alex Sanchez
Getting It: (PB, 10/07): 1416908986
The Good Box: (HC, 10/07): 1416908994
Rainbow Boys: 0689857705
Rainbow High: 0689854781
Rainbow Road: 141691191X
So Hard to Say: 1416911898

Alex Sanchez will be at next year’s Teen Book Festival. Here’s some info to get you up to date on everything Alex… I hope you are already beginning to see a trend here. 🙂

Alex Sanchez received his master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Old Dominion University. For many years he worked as a youth and family counselor. His novels include the Lambda Award-winning So Hard to Say, the Rainbow Boys trilogy, and Getting It.

When not writing, Alex tours the country talking with teens, librarians, and educators about the importance of teaching tolerance and self- acceptance. Originally from Mexico, Alex now lives in Thailand and Hollywood, Florida.

For more about Alex, go to his bio here.


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