Posted by: kitkat | September 1, 2007

Author of the Month – Rene Saldana

Books by Rene Saldana
Finding Our Way: Stories: 0440237904
The Jumping Tree: 0440228816
The Whole Sky Full of Stars (HC): 0385730535
SS in Face Relations: 11 Stories about Seeing Beyond Color (HC):

Here’s some info to get you up to date on everything Rene, who will be at the Teen Book Festival next April.

Originally from Nuevo Peñitas in South Texas (a suburb of Peñitas Viejo), I now live in Lubbock, TX, with my wife Tina; our sons, Lukas and Mikah; and our cat, ISBN (pronounced Isben), where I teach at Texas Tech University (in their College of Education). We went through our first sand storms last month (Feb. 07) and was it something else. And here I thought tumbleweeds were a Hollywood creation. I’ve been warned to steer clear of them on the road.

Check out his blog here.


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