Posted by: kitkat | November 1, 2007

Author of the Month – Roz Monette

Books by Roz Monette
Alex and the Enderson Brothers: 0595400876
Invisible Shadow: 1587367769

Roz will be at the Teen Book Festival next April, so read her bio, her website and then her books!

Roz Monette is the author of an edgy fiction series for mature young-adult readers. Alex and The Enderson Brothers was released in July 2006 followed by its sequel, Invisible Shadow, in March 2007. Roz is the poster child for Do It Yourself book publishing. She is solely responsible for all aspects of her writing career: website design, marketing plan, speaking schedule, book signings, etc. Yet she still finds time to write her novels. Roz is learning to master the ultimate balancing act of wife, mother, writer, and day job. She has been a speaker at the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference, Colorado Teen Literature Conference, and RMFW conference.



  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    Looking forward to the 2008 Teen Book Festival.

    Roz Monette

  2. We are excited to have you in Rochester (I’m on the Teen Book Festival Committee, so I should know!)

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