Posted by: kitkat | December 4, 2007

Blind Melon – No Rain

Music from my high school days…

I was just reminiscing about high school and all the awesome music we had to listen too. Back in my day, when grunge was king, and everyone had greasy hair, worn converse and lived and breathed in their flannel shirts. Oh the good old days. Well, anyway, these guys aren’t really grunge, per say, but they were cool anyway. After watching this video, it got me thinking, why not post a video each week from the music scene when I was in high school? So I will. And here is the first. I give you… Blind Melon!

Blind Melon – No Rain



  1. This is such a FANTASTIC memory! Working on a paper for class and never expected to see this here. What a great reminder of high school….

  2. thank you! me and a friend just last week were trying to remember who wrote this song. all we could remember was the video and girl/bee.

    downloading now on itunes! lol

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