Posted by: kitkat | December 11, 2007

Second Life

Right now I’m in a class learning about Second Life. It sounds great and I was thinking of creating an avatar, but if none of you have an avatar, what’s the point? This is why I created a page for the library, because I knew that’s where you were, so that’s where I knew I should be. So what do you guys think? Should I bother, or should I just use my runescape account… which I know I have shamefully neglected. Feel free to email me and let me know either way. You could tell me what your runescape name is, and I could be your friend! Or maybe I’m just crazy and I should leave you guys alone. That’s probably more likely, isn’t it?



  1. should just create one and see what it is like. can’t hurt and who knows, you might start talking to others and make a friend.

    you can do anything in that game, it really gets the imagination rolling.

  2. Yeah create one! You might like it! 🙂

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