Posted by: kitkat | June 20, 2008

Armageddon Summer by Jane Yolen

Armageddon Summer by Jane Yolen
ISBN: 0152022686

From the site Goodreads: Armageddon Summer provides a front-row seat for the type of event most of us only witness on a TV screen. Reverend Raymond Beelson is gathering 144 “Believers” atop Mount Weeupcut in Massachusetts to camp out, pray, and await Armageddon–July 27, 2000–when he predicts that his faithful flock will be saved as the rest of the world is set ablaze in fire and brimstone. We experience the month leading up to this climax through the eyes of two teenagers who have never met before, Jed and Marina, each of whom have come to the compound out of a sense of responsibility toward their families. Young Jed is only on the mountain to watch over his father who “went a little crazy” after his wife left the family: “When my father told me that the world was going to end I figured he was making some sort of weird joke.” Jed’s sarcasm, humor, and flippancy toward the Believers does not erase the love he feels for his newly devout father, nor his capacity for empathy toward members of the congregation. Marina is a Believer, or so she tries to be, in the hope that somehow her faith will restore harmony to her family. She has traveled to the mountain with her younger brothers at her mother’s fervent insistence, but her fear that her father will remain below with the rest of the nonbelievers to burn alive unnerves her.


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