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This blog is for teens in the Hilton NY area so they can learn about new programs, new books and interesting things that happen at the Parma Public Library. This is also a space for teens to learn more about the librarian (me!) Cathy Kyle. Feel free to make comments or email me on things that are going on in the library/world and suggest books.



  1. I was wondering if you could get the 15th volume of vampire game and the 8th princess diaries book.

  2. I will most definitely be getting both. In fact, on Friday I went through to see which Princess Diaries we don’t have, and I saw that we were missing quite a few. I won’t be able to order them until January, but I will get them here as soon as possible!

  3. Dear Cathy,

    I am the New Jersey author of BORDERLINE, a new Young Adult novel published by Porcupine’s Quill in Erin, Ontario. Info can be gotten at the website I noted.

    BORDERLINE came out this year and has been getting excellent reviews. Here is one of them by a free-lance reviewer.

    ***** A Very Important New Novel about the Eccentricities of our Society, September 26, 2007

    BORDERLINE is a book that works on so many levels that it is almost unclassifiable. It is a genuinely warm, tender, humorous coming of age story while at the same time being a novel that is smart, informative and illuminating in the fields of
    genetics, autism as an increasingly proliferating condition, fast food and obesity as national crises, and the overemphasis of pill-popping for invented childhood and adult disorders. Sounds like too much information to compress into one book? Not
    in the deft hands of author Bonnie Rozanski! For all of the intelligent and interesting information the book contains, the story itself is an amazingly fresh novel, written with great style and sensitivity, a novel than will appeal to just about everyone no matter the age group.

    Guy Ritter is a twelve-year-old son of a geneticist father, an activist mother, and Guy happens to have a five-year-old brother Austin who is an autistic child. Guy feels extraneous in this family whose focus is on controlling autistic Austin, he has little tolerance for school, and finds some consolation in his obese best friend Matt. Guy’s
    father runs a lab of genetics research, the current project being how to breed wolves to become like docile dogs, and when Guy is finally invited into his father’s work life, Guy falls in love with animal # JX104 whom he gradually wins over as a friend and changes his scientific name to ‘Wolf’ – his new best friend. Guy’s life is complicated by his mother’s blind devotion to autistic Austin (she is convinced the autism is due to a vaccination!), by Matt’s broken home and Matt’s grossly obese father who is addicted to junk food from Hamburger Haven (a habit that results in a crisis), and by a distant father whose concerns are dedicated to his scientific work which nearly
    excludes Guy from existence.

    The story builds very coherently with mounting tension on multiple levels (each level a significantly important social malady) until Guy coerces Matt into freeing the soon to be exterminated Wolf from his father’s lab of cages. Then with the unexpected help of Austin and the courage to do what is ‘right’, a completely new beginning to Guy’s dissociative life comes into focus. It is the manner in which Rozanski relates
    her story – through the eyes and experiences and perceptions of a 12 to 13 year-old boy that makes this a novel of consuming interest. It is beautifully constructed, insightful, sensitive, and entertaining, all the while addressing many issues that are puzzling the public today. It has all the earmarks of a lasting and successful novel.
    Highly recommended. Grady Harp, September 07
    * * *
    Other reviews can be found on Amazon.com, Flamingnet.com, Goodreads.com, among others. One from Quill & Quire should appear soon. BORDERLINE can be gotten through Baker & Taylor or Ingram. I hope the above will intrigue you enough to order a copy for your Teen section.

    Thank you,

    Bonnie Rozanski

  4. Hello Cathy how are you i will be commenting on this site as much as i can and try to get the word out about it, it get lonely here in this siber place,…….

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