Character Development #1

Samantha Rose RougeAge:
12 years – summer before eighth grade

Mansion in Oregon

Physical description:
• Shoulder length, naturally dark black hair, average height and weight, pretty but average face
• Left-handed: more creative and absent minded
• Short well-groomed nails, doesn’t bite them because of her hobby
• Only wears makeup on special occasions
• Usual wears plain jeans and a t-shirt

• Average kind of girl
• Not afraid to be in a crowd, but a loner
• People don’t like her because the think that she’s snotty and obnoxious because she’s rich, smart and doesn’t smile too often
• She’s quiet so she doesn’t talk to people often, and she doesn’t correct the misconceptions
• Likes learning about history and anything related to the sea
• Wants to be a marine biologist

• Collecting sea shells and fish along the beach and while swimming
• She has wading pools behind her house and a giant fish tank inside the house that she keeps fish in
• Keeps a journal about all the fish behaviors and draws sketches of them
• Not allowed to have any other pets besides the fish because they take up less space and don’t make a mess
• Painter
• LOVES swimming

• Parents are rich and busy with their jobs and barely spend any time with their daughter
• Her father is a business man and her mother is an actress
• considers the butler and housekeeper more of a family than her actual parents
• really close to her grandmother
• grandmother gave her a family heirloom: octopus brooch with aquamarine gem stones that plays into the story somehow
• one brother six years older than she is and they were really close, but he joined the military and they don’t get to see each other much anymore

Book types: historical romance
Book: Gone with the Wind
Music: ocean sounds/whale calls and ambient music
Color: aquamarine
Movie: Whale Rider
Game: Sudoku
Food: vegetarian, kale
Drink: water


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