Posted by: kitkat | December 18, 2007

David Bowie – As the world falls down

David Bowie – As the world falls down

Okay, so “technically” this isn’t a music video. Even so, its a song and a video. So that counts in my book! This is from my favorite movie of all time. Labyrinth. I have quite possibly watched this hundreds of times. Does that make me weird? Probably. Do I care? No.

David Bowie plays the Goblin King, who has stolen Sarah’s (Jennifer Connelly) baby brother. With the help of different beings she meets on the way, Sarah makes her way through the Labyrinth to find her brother.

And guess what? You can get the DVD at your local public library!



  1. And rejects his sexiness at the end. Poo:( This is my favorite movie as well. I watch it monthly because I cannot help myself nor can I stay away from the tights:)

  2. Every time I watch it I ask WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?! I would have stayed with him. 🙂 My husband thinks I’m insane. But as I said before I don’t care. Plus, it amuses my sister because I have the whole thing memorized. 🙂

  3. Don’t worry, if watching the movie hundreds of times makes you weird then you are not alone as I am in the same book! I love the movie and you managed to get my favorite song from it! I officially love this blog! You are my hero for posting this (I never find Labyrinth stuff anymore).

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